Using Bridge to find a job


Bridge is a job matching service that connects you with new opportunities.

  • Your former company invites you to Bridge
  • Get matched with job opportunities at companies
  • Upload your resume details to improve results and apply more easily

Joining Bridge

If your former employer invites you to Bridge you will receive an email with information about the service. Through Bridge, you'll receive daily emails with suggested jobs. As part of this process it is highly recommended that you upload up-to-date resume details. Follow the link in the email to do so.

Use the auto-fill option to have a resume file automatically parsed, or enter your details manually.


You may also want to include include a location where you're looking for work. When adding resume details, indicate the location for which you'd like to see available jobs and if you're open to remote work. The location could be a specific city/town or a broader area like a state or even a country.



Benefits and applying to jobs

You'll start to receive daily email notifications about jobs that match your skills as soon as you're invited to Bridge. Choose which you want to apply for. Click the Apply button in the email to go to the job description and application form. If you uploaded your resume to complete your profile, the form will be pre-filled with the details you uploaded.

You'll also automatically appear higher in search results for matching jobs so recruiters see you first. Companies that are proactively looking for employees like you will be able to find you more easily.


Managing your profile and opting out

In your daily email notifications you'll find an option to update your profile. Click the link to adjust any of your resume details or the location where you're looking for work.

If you wish to stop receiving job matches via email or if you are no longer looking for work, click the link in your email notifications to opt out of Bridge. You can also opt out when managing your profile; click the user icon in the upper right and navigate to Settings to do so.

If you've already applied to jobs then you will still be in consideration for them, but you will no longer appear in priority for proactive recruiters and you will not be able to opt back in.