Video Interview FAQs


What is an on-demand video interview?

The organization you’re interviewing with has created an on-demand video interview comprising of a set of questions. You are asked to record your answers through video through the Workable platform, and submit them before the expiration date.


How should I prepare for an on-demand video interview?

  • During the automatic network test prior to recording, make sure your connection is Acceptable or Excellent
  • Try a practice recording to ensure your webcam and microphone are working properly
  • Record in a quiet and well-lit place where you won’t be interrupted
  • Keep the microphone at a comfortable distance (using a mic too close to your mouth can cause audio spikes or interference)
  • Look your best! Even though you may be recording from the comfort of your home, dress as if you were attending an in-person interview and make sure the area shown on camera is distraction-free


My interview has expired

If you did not submit your interview before the expiration of the deadline, you should contact the hiring manager to check on potential next steps.


I cannot see myself

See camera issues


I cannot hear myself

See microphone issues


I am receiving the message that my network connection is poor, should I continue?

See network quality issues


Is it possible to delete, re-record or combine takes?

It is not possible to delete, re-record or combine takes. After recording multiple takes you will be prompted to select just one take before submitting the interview.

See Number of takes/Answer review


What should I do if I submit the wrong take or if I run out of takes?

Contact the hiring manager to check on potential next steps.


I have tried everything and I still have problems. Who do I contact?

Please contact support for further help.