Parameters for video interview responses


The on-demand video interview that your hiring company has put together is comprised of a set of questions. Each question has 3 parameters, outlined below.


Think time

When think time is defined, recording will start automatically after the specified amount of think time. You will still be able to view the question while the recording is in progress.

If the think time is ‘unlimited’ you can choose to start the recording any time you’re ready.

Once the recording begins you will not be able to pause it.


Answer time

This is the maximum amount of time you have to answer the question. The recording will automatically stop when the time expires. You'll see the timer on the right side of your screen when recording your answer. You can end the recording early if needed.


Number of takes/Answer review

In some cases, you may be able to record multiple ‘takes’ for a single question. Each take should be your best attempt at completely responding to the question. You aren’t able to record over, combine or delete takes.

You’ll be able to choose only one of your takes to submit to the hiring team during the “Review” step. The hiring team will only see the take you choose to send.